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We have been in the financial industry for over 25 years specialising in the domain of Corporate Insurance. In today’s competitive market scenario it has become imperative for corporate houses to provide for a future provision for their key employees who are adding value to the business by increasing the profitability on a year to year basis.In order to keep the key employees motivated the company can provide for an annuity at a future date for the employee through a concept of Employer Employee Insurance. In this concept the employer pays for the premium of the key employee on a year to year basis. The key employee is insured for a high Sum Assured and at the end of the premium paying period gets a guaranteed annuity of 8% per annum which is payable to him for life. In case of any eventuality to the key employee his family also gets a huge corpus which is tax-free. This concept of Business Insurance can be a win win situation for the Employer as well as the Employee.

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Employer-Employee Insurance

An Employer-Employee Insurance scheme is an arrangement in which an employer purchases a life insurance scheme for its employees. It means that the ownership of the policy is with the employer and the premiums are paid by the employer, employee is the beneficiary of the policy.